Thursday, April 15, 2010

We have babies!!

Not the human kind (we have more than enough of those running around the house, thank you very much!)  Not the chicken or bunny kind, either (again, we have more than enough of those!)

Baby plants!!!  About two weeks ago, I planted some peas, radishes and lettuce in the small garden.  Yesterday, while examinging the garden, I saw some baby sprouts coming up!  I was excited.  The wee things were even more excited!  We were all jumping around yelling, "Baby plants!  Baby plants!!"  It was probably pretty funny!

There are a lot of radishes and lettuce coming up and only a few peas, but I'm guessing there will be a few more in the next few days. 

And then today at work, another teacher gave me two huge cabbage seedlings!  I love garden sharing!


Meredith said...

That's great! I remember last year when our radishes came up (and you know they're just the tiniest little skinny speck of green at first) and I was so excited! *laugh*

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