Thursday, April 29, 2010

An EGG-citing Discovery!

It appears that our Guinnea Hen is laying!!

We weren't sure if dear Mrs. Puddlecluck was laying.  In fact, since we just got her, we weren't sure exactly how old she is.  But about a week ago, we started getting these teeny, tiny little pointed eggs (see the one in the middle?) about every other day.  We've never had an egg like that before, so we can only assume that she is laying them!  How exciting!!

The picture above shows the average size and color of eggs we are getting daily.  We also get a blue one that is about the size of the 4th one from the left every other day (I didn't have one on the day I took this photo.)  Sometimes we'll get a smaller cream one (kind of between the Guinnea eggs and the one to the left of it.)

It seems like we're bringing in between 10-15 eggs a day now.  Some days when it's cooler a bit less (like the past few days we've only gotten 6-8 a day) and sometimes a bit more when it's been warmer (the most we had was 18 in one day.)  It's just enough to keep us in eggs and let us give two dozen away to family each week and sell between 2-3 dozen to friends and co-workers. 

We don't sell the eggs for much, just enough to make something on them.  I think Mr. CrazyLife sells them for a dollar, while I sell mine for $1.50.  *laugh*  Mine go for more since someone else sells them at school for that much, so I went with her price!  We don't make a fortune off the eggs, but it does cover the cost of the feed and upkeep of the chickens.

Plus, these eggs taste fantastic!  I mean, if you've never had farm fresh eggs, you really should try them.  The yolks are darker, the whites are whiter and the taste is well....just better.


LivingOurWay said...

Jenn, my husband calculated how much we needed to make to even break even and it was more than $1.50. I wonder why that is? We have people who won't buy guinea eggs but they are supposed to be good to bake with so we don't put those in with what we sell. What are you doing with yours?

Jenn said...

We've been keeping ours. The kids think they're cute, so I let them have them. *laugh*

I'm not sure on the price. We buy a bag of feed about every two weeks at $10/bag. So maybe we're coming up a bit short? But I think we're bringing in between $3-5/week. So it's got to be close. And then we feed them all the kitchen scraps too, so that helps cut down.

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