Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Independence Days - April 20-27

I think I'm going to try to update these on Tuesdays, as I seem to have a bit of time then to do some serial posting!

Plant Something
It's still pre-planting season up here for the most part.  But we've put in some more strawberries.  DH planted some corn (really early for that!) and we got some new rhubarb plants to put in.  Hopefully they will go into tonight if the rain holds off.

Harvest Something
Nothing to harvest quite yet, but it looks like we have one lone asparagus survivor (between DH's overzealous rototilling and the chickens, they were fighting for their lives!) that I'm hoping to get to soon.  We're also bringing in about a dozen eggs a day now.

Preserve Something

Waste Not
Reused a gift bag for a birthday party.  Finished a skirt from an old pair of favorite jeans and picked out some too-small overalls to make aprons from.

Want Not
Splurged a little bit on fresh fruit for smoothies

Build Community Food Systems
I guess blogging about it counts, right?

Eat the Food
We had dinner for breakfast twice this week with fresh eggs from the chickens!


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I would think blogging counts ;)

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