Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Shake it, Shake it, Shake it

This week I started the shake/smoothie diet.  Well, it's not really a diet.  Just a way to get a little more protien and fresh fruits into my diet.  I love veggies, but am not a big fruit or fruit juice person.  However, I have always loved the fruit smoothies you can get in the summer at various events.  So I decided to start making my own.

I bought myself a brand spanking new blender.  Then I picked up a bunch of fresh fruit and some fruit juice.  And finally some protien powder.  Two days and two yummy concoctions.

Banana Berry Fruit Smoothie
-1 overripe banana
-3 strawberries
-handful of frozen blueberries
-1 scoop vanilla protien powder
-1 large spoonful vanilla yogurt
-6-8 ice cubes
-approx. 1/3 C raspberry goji V8 Fusion fruit juice

Chocolate Cherry Bomb Smoothie
-1 scoop vanilla protien powder
-handful plus a little frozen sweet cherries
- 1 and a half overripe bananas
- 1 large spoonful cocoa powder
- 1 large spoonful vanilla yogurt
- approx 1/3 C raspberry goji V8 Fusion juice
- 6-8 ice cubes



Meredith said...

I'd like to try the chocolate cherry one for sure. Hmm...

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