Friday, April 9, 2010

A Hike in the Woods

Over the Easter holiday, the family and I drove to south-eastern Ohio to visit Grammy and Papa.  It was a quick trip as the wee things and I had to be back at school on Easter Monday, although Mr. Crazy Life has had this week off.  We did all kinds of fun things while there - we visited Amish Country, we colored eggs, we played with the kitties and Uncle Robbie and Aunt Bethie, and we took about a 3 mile hike in the woods.

This is Dysart Woods.  It's a 55 acre tract owned by the Ohio University.  It is the largest area of virgin oak forest in the state of Ohio.  It's absolutly beautiful!  We took the red trail, which apparently is a bit harder.  It was about 200' downhill, then up, then down, then up again and then a quarter mile back to the parking lot along an unpaved road. 

The trees there are gigantic!  It was a lot like walking in the upper peninsula of Michigan, but a lot hotter and muggier!  The kids really enjoyed scrambling along the logs and climbing.  Thing #4 was trying her hardest to walk and catch up to the bigger kids.

Mr. Crazy Life and myself preferred to show our environmentalist sides by becoming tree huggers.

Auntie Beth, Papa and Miss Jackie came along for the hike.  It was a beautiful morning and a beautiful hike.  And the kids slept like a dream that night!


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