Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Eggs

This year, for the second time, we decided to try dying Easter eggs the natural way.  And by that I mean using plants and spices for the coloring.  Last year we used regular white eggs and had moderate results.  We liked how it turned out, but the colors were kind of, well, blah.

This year we tried again and used our brown eggs (and some white ones my mom had sitting around).  What a difference!  They turned out really nice.  They aren't bright, like the dyes you get from the store, but they sure are pretty!

(sorry for the picture's off my blackberry)

From the top row:  Dark Purple egg (dark brown to start) - grape juce
Brownish egg - black tea with red sugar crystals
Green egg - spinich

Next row:  All three Yellow Eggs - tumeric spice

Next two rows: All six orange eggs - yellow onion skins

Next row:  Yellow Egg - saffron spice
Reddish egg - cranberry juice
Green egg - celery seed

Bottom row: All three Green eggs - spinich

Pretty, no?


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