Thursday, April 29, 2010

Late April at Auburn Glen Homestead

Spring has sprung in full force around the Auburn Glen Homestead. (Does anyone else name their homes?  Maybe that's a totally different post?)  Green is getting greener and leaves are getting bigger and baby garden plants are starting to push through.  Enjoy the photo montage!!
 (and ignore the fact that all my beds are in desperate need of weeding - once my programs are finished and school is closer to finishing I'll have a few more minutes in the day!  *laugh* )

Purple Phlox


I'm not sure what these little beauties are called.

Our Weeping Olive

Radishes - planted on Easter Sunday

Lettuce - planted Easter Sunday

Peas - planted Easter Sunday


Flowering Strawberries

Lillies/Burning bushes

Apple Tree - 3rd year

Burn Pile getting bigger - almost ready for our midsummer bonfire

Kids playing on the swings

Or being put to manual labor

T-Rex stalking the Gnome under the bushes

Fairy Houses built


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