Friday, April 9, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow?

It's spring!!  Time to plan and plant the garden!!  One of my favorite times of year.

Right now, there isn't much happening in our yard.  Considering that everything was covered in a fine layer of snow this morning, I guess I should be glad that anything is popping out.  However, the super warm temps over the last week or two and the rain of this week should get things moving.  The trees are starting to bud and the lilacs we cut back and replanted last year appear to be taking off.  My blueberry bushes are growing and budding.  My two roses that have survived are greening out.  The grass is starting to get green.  Lillies and daffodils are popping up, although no flowers yet.

And then a few days ago, these little beauties popped out!

And in the garden itself, I noticed that some strawberries were looking pretty good.  It's only our second year with strawberries, but I'm hoping for a good crop.  We transplanted some from my mom's house last weekend - about 25 - to add to the 15 or so we already had going.

Last weekend we also put some peas, lettuce and radishes into the ground.  I'm hoping they do well.  I've never put them in this early. 

We have two garden areas.  A smaller one, that recieves more shade, where the peas, lettuces, herbs, strawberries, blueberries, beans and I think celery and radishes this year go.  It is a rounded garden, cut into quarters by a brick path.  One quarter is the strawberries.  One has peas and lettuces and the radishes.  The third will be the beans and celery. The last quarter I reserve for some flowers for cutting.  The blueberry bushes are around one edge of the circle, under the pines for the acidity.

Our main garden is quite large - I think it was 120' x 35' last year and we are extending it another 25'-30' this year.  The chicken run will get moved to the south end, where the new section is and we will plant the vines in the old chicken run on the north end this year.  Next year we'll move the chickens back.

We usually do corn, peppers (at least 3-4 varieties), cabbage (at least 2 varieties), cauliflower, tomatos (usually around 6-8 varieties), onions, broccoli, cucumbers (at least 2 varieities), watermelon, sunflowers, melons, radishes, beans, and carrots.

This year we are going to try potatos as well, but we aren't putting them in the garden.  We're going to try them in a barrel.  Hopefully that will work out!

My herbs will go in pots this year.  Last year I had them in the smaller garden and tehy totally took it over!  I now have chamoille growing all over the yard - all over!  So this year I'm going to put them all in pots and put them up by the house.  They'll get partial sunlight that way and hopefully not run wild!


LivingOurWay said...

Jenn, that sounds wonderful! We are still thinking about strawberries. We will probably do the U pick farm for a few more years on those. I'd love to see pictures of how your gardens are set up.

Jenn said...

I'm working on pictures. We just do rows right in the ground, as opposed to raised beds. I tried to get DH to do the raised bed route, but he likes the other way. I figure, if he's the one rototilling, okay.

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