Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Running in Heels....Aiming for a Tiara

So I mentioned that I've been walking during the day and was feeling the urge to run.  I've been reading some running blogs and some fitness blogs and some foodie blogs (my faves!) along wtih teh usual craft and family ones I read.  I saw some posts about the Disney Princess Half Marathon with pictures and I was totally entranced!  It was as if my fairy godmother sprinkled some magic dust and my eyes were filled with the awesome-ness of running or even walking in this race!

So now I'm inspired.  I've been taking about 2.5 mile walks during my lunch breaks and averaging somewhere between a 13 and 14 minute mile.  To walk/run the half marathon you need to be able to keep to a 16 minute mile pace.  At the rate I'm going, that shouldn't be too hard.  But 13 miles is a long way!

So I'm going to start training.  I have a couple friends that are up for the challenge as well, so I'm hoping we can keep each other motivated and going.....hopefully all the way to the finish line in FLORIDA next March!!  After all, how can you see this and not want one with all your heart?

And so my training begins.......

I've been walking already, as I mentioned above.  And starting today, I'm beginning the Couch to 5K program.  Since I'm not a runner it looks like a great program to get started....slow and steady.  The Disney Princess Half Marathon is a year away, so that gives me plenty of time to get there.  And honestly, I'd be happy doing a walk/run of it.  Just as long as I finish!

So off I go....dreaming of running in heels and earning that tiara!


LivingOurWay said...

I will be looking forward to hearing how the training goes. I am getting in shape (mostly for triathlons) and also really want to go to Disney in the next two years...but I think we want to go when it will be less crowded. Excellent goal. Are you going to take the kids with you?

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