Thursday, March 11, 2010

Little Girls' Hair

Little girls' hair drives me crazy!!  My wee things have hair that never seems to do what I want it to, not to mention the fact that I' m not the best braider or hair-doer in the world.  In the hair-world experience my hair is not fine and when you put it somewhere, it stays there.  It's heavy and thick and well, it just stays put.  My girls' hair is so fine and it just goes everywhere.  It's pretty thick, but light and fine and it blows every which way.

Now I've pretty gotten down the ways to do piggies and ponys and I can even so a simple basic braid.  But anything fanicer than that and I'm lost!  And I so want my wee thingies to have super cute hair!!  Super cute hair looks so much better with the outfits I make them and put them in than just regular ole' piggies!!

And then I ran across this blog: Princess Hairstyles.  What an amazing find!!!  This mom has directions and pictures to all kinds of fantastic hairstyles.  Some a bit more advanced than I, but still...something to work towards.  Check out some of these pictures:

See what I mean - totally cute!!  You've got to check her out!!


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