Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Overalls Apron

How cute is this????

I can totally see Thing #4 and Thing #1 wearing one of these.  For that matter, Things #2 and #3 might as well, if I made them "manly" enough.  *laugh* 

I adore aprons.  I wear them all the time at home.  I have about three for the kitchen right now, one for crafting and one for gardening.  But I keep adding to my apron stash.  For some reason, wearing an apron makes me feel all homemakery and just seems to make my work go faster and everything I do look better.  It's all in my head, right?  But it's true!

Kari over at U Create has a link to a tutorial for these cute little overall aprons.  I've added them to my about you?

In fact....I've got a pair of overalls myself that I never wear anymore....hmmmmm......maybe a Momma-size overall apron is in order?!


Dana said...

That is totally adorable!!
I'm also an apron freak.
Must Make These!!

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