Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Snowy Day

Remember this book?  Well, that's kind of what the weather is like here today.  Except it's really too cold to go outside at all!

I skipped my walk this morning.  I'm willing to walk in cold weather, but I draw the line at negative temps!

So what do we do when it's too cold to play outside?

We build couch forts.

We watch cartoons.

We run "marathons" around the house.

We bake cookies.

We bake scones.

We bake.

We do laundry.

We run the automatic oven cleaner to help heat up the house and get a nice clean oven as well.

We meet friends at the McDonald's that has a play area to let the kids run off some steam.

We relax.

We enjoy.


Meredith said...

Do the marathons around the house cancel out all the baking? If so, I might do some of that!

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