Monday, January 17, 2011

Fit for a Princess

And the most important question regarding the Disney Princess Half Marathon, which I am "running" in a little over a month's time:
What does one wear to such an event???

Here are the final decisions on that part.  Tshirt still to be determined, but will probably be a light pink one bought locally from Target or Meijer or somesuch.  I'm not terribly picky about my shirts.

My shoes will be either my trusty LA Gear tennies or my new New Balance ones . . . we'll see which feel better at the time.

Debating about tights/capri's to wear under the running skirt.  What will the weather in Florida be at the end of February?  From what I remember from college choir tour, it was much warmer than up here, but still a wee bit chilly.  So that is left up to how I feel the morning of.

Debating also about a jacket or long sleeved top to begin the race with.  Not sure what I would do with it once I warmed up.  It would be too bulky to tie around my waist, but I don't want to just throw it either . . . a dilemma to be sure.

As for a belt, my trusty black fanny pack will be in use.  I really wanted to invest in a SpiBelt, but think I'll pass for this round.  I totally fell in love with their pink plaid one though; it's been a tough decision.  And I'm not sure about a water belt or not . . . I don't currently have one and don't know if it's worth it to invest in one.  My fanny pack can hold one small bottle of water, but that's it.  Will the water stations still have water by the time I get to them?  That's the big question!

The running skirt: New Balance Jodi Tennis Skirt in Asphalt

And the most important part of all : The TIARA!!!  What good would a jogging princess be without one?


Meredith said...

Love it! You're going to be quite the Princess!

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