Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Friday!!!

Happy Friday!

 It's cold. It's snowy and blowy. And usually I wouldn't be thrilled about those things (unless they meant a snow day!) However, tomorrow we have a youth group event called Magic Carpeting. And if you remember from last year, that is also known as "extreme sledding." My FIL hooks up a conveyor belt to the back of his tractor, we all jump on, and he does donuts out in the field. And we try to hang on. It's great if you're at the top of the belt. But if you're at the end....look out! You can fall off whipping around the field . . . or the person at the top lets go and takes everyone out like dominoes! So much fun!!!

And the pond is ready for ice skating . . . so our skates are coming with and I'm heading that way!! (It's much safer than holding on to a slick, snowy conveyor belt, anyhow!)

And I'm just looking forward to a nice weekend.

And praying for more snow on Sunday, because a snow day Monday would be just what this Momma needs!!!


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