Monday, January 10, 2011

Oh the Times, They are a'Changing

It's been quite a while since my last series of posts here on CrazyLife.  I hate to do that as I love blogging and sharing things here.  When I started this blog, my plan was to share recipes, craft ideas, homesteading ideas and the like.  And I did great - until summer started and I was so busy at home with the children (on a side note, I don't know how you stay at home moms do it - you're AMAZING!).  Then I took a little break, blogging now and again with the intention of starting up again in the fall when I went back to work.  Well, lo and behold, a change in my work status meant a change of life for me.  I went from having a classroom in three buildings to being in one building, teaching off a cart.  I lost my walking routes.  I lost my desk computer hook up.  I lost my free "prep time."  I lost track of my life.

One of the best things we did was have Auntie CrazyLife come and start watching the kids.  It was such a big help this fall.  Then last week happened and we had a crazy time of it.  The long story short is that Auntie CrazyLife is no longer working for us and we're back in a home daycare setting.  It was one of the hardest decisions to make ever, but we had to do what was best for the kids and for us.  It was a stressful week for us, but I'm happy with the decision.  I'm hoping my sister and the rest of my family is understanding of it eventually.

I'm still running/walking, but the cold weather and different school/prep times have really cut into that.  I'm doing the Princess Half Marathon in about a month and a half and I'm really excited about it, but feel like I need more training and not sure that I'll get it in.  The less walking/yoga I've been doing, my body has really been not happy with me.  So I'm working on getting back on track with that.

Another thing we've been working on at the CrazyLife house is "greening" up our lives.  I've got some posts planned around that that will *hopefully* get posted soon! 

Lots of Homesteading ideas are flowing as well - I got my first seed catalog in the mail about a week ago and my mind has been racing!  Can't wait for the ground to get unfrozen and uncovered with snow so I can play in the dirt again.

Sooooo.....lots of ideas flowing around here.  Hoping to get them posted and shared and all that good stuff!


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