Friday, May 28, 2010

Summer Beauty

I don't know about anyone else, but I find it the hardest to keep my skin smooth, clean and clear in the summer months.  All that hot weather wreaks havoc on my skin, espcially on my face.  Between sunscreen (a must for the very fair like myself), sweat, bronzers (since we avoid the sun, must do something for a warm glow), and cholorine/salt water/sand etc, I'm a mess!  So what to do?

I think I've found a few answers.  And I plan to share them with you.  The best thing is that they work all year long - not just in the summer!!  And they are simple and natural.  No putting icky chemicals or things we can't pronounce on our faces!  And dare I say it, they are even a bit yummy?

I have a trick that not only cleans my face and helps keep it clear, but it also leaves me a rosy glow and tight happy pores.  This tricks uses a secret ingredient that I think truely is nature's superfood - Honey.  That's it.  Honey.  Use honey with a bit of warm water.  Rub it all over your face and then wash it off.  You could use crystallized honey for a bit of a scrub (works better than those acidy peels and masks) or mix it with a bit of witch hazel or chamoille for added benefit.  Green tea mixed with it is nice as well.  I keep my honey in a little glass jar next to the bathroom sink.

Now to keep skin looking healthy all over and to get rid of the dull skin look, I use a homemade sugar scrub in the shower.  It's easy peasy lemon squeezy to make.  Just take about 1/2 C of sugar (white or brown - I like brown cause it smells so good!) and enough cold-pressed oil (such as olive, peanut, coconut or sunflower) to make it damp.  You could add some essential oil to it as well for added aromatherapy (peppermint is a great picker-upper).  Rub it all over before you hop in the shower and your skin will glow!

You could even go crazy with the sugar scrub and mix it up a bit.  Try some mashed up banana instead of the oil.  Or use yogurt and some tomato for the alpha-huydroxy effect.

Does your hair need extra conditioning in the summer?  Dried out from too much sun or pool water?  Try mixing in about a 1/4 C of mayonaise and letting it sit for half an hour before washing out.  Or use an egg mixed with a bit of coconut oil. 

If your hair needs a bit of shine due to that sun and pool water again , mix about a tsp of HONEY (there it is favorite superfood!) into about 4 C of water and mix into your hair after shampooing.  Do not rinse it out.

So there's a few of my natural summer beauty recipes.  Simple, clean and natural.  And best off all, they make you look and feel great!!


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