Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Chocoholic Strikes Again

Remember a while back when I admitted to being a chocoholic?  Well, I'm doing it again.  One of the blogs I follow, CrAxY HoUsE, is doing a review of Anna Shae Chocolates today.  Oh my goodness!!!  Not only are these beautifully handpainted chocolates, the flavors they offer sound divine! Strawberry Chardonnay Marzipan?  Dark Chocolate Cherry?  Gianduja & Lavender Ganache?  Rose Cream?  Rhubarb?  Not only different, but delicious!  Sign me up!!

CrAzY HoUsE is hosting a giveaway of these delicious sounding chocolates!  They are giving away a 24 count signature box of Anna Shae Chocolates!  Head HERE to check it out!!

Go HERE to check out more the delicious sounding chocolate flavors!!


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