Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Independance Days - May 4 - May 10

Plant Something
This week we planted more raspberry bushes, some geraniums, pansies, columbines and some more onions and corn.  Also some wild chives we found and transplanted.

Harvest Something
Nothing much this week - the last of the asparagus shoots, maybe?  As always, eggs.  DH did a few rabbits up as well.

Preserve Something

Waste Not
I bagged up some more too-small clothes for the Salvation Army.  Saved the last drops of shampoo and combined into a new bottle.  Reused some clothing items, cloth and other things for my school play costumes.

Want Not
Bought some more corn seeds.  Stocked up on noodles of various types.  Bought a new "natural" deoderant to try.

Building Community Food Systems
Shared some raspberry seedlings with friends.  Took eggs to give to friends at church.  Blogging.

Eat the Food
Ate the last of the aspargus shoots.  Scrambled eggs for dinner/breakfast.  Wild Chives.  Veggies from last year from the freezer.


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