Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Welcome to our crazy little life blog!!

I've decided to jump into the blogging world! So welcome to our crazy life!! I know, I know...I stole the title from Jon & Kate Plus 8, but since they aren't using it anymore and it totally describes our life to a capital "T", I thought I'd go ahead and use it!

I'm Jenn, momma to four, work outside the home full-time, loving wife, sister and daughter and full-time craft and home-making enthusist. My four wee things are ages 6 (almost 7), 5, 3 1/2, and 23 months. Two girls (the oldest and youngest) and two boys (right in the middle). Both my husband and myself are teachers - he a high school science teacher and myself, an elementary music teacher. We keep busy outside of school as well - he doing woodworking and helping on a friend's farm and me, doing crafts, reading, sewing, scrapbooking and home-making. The kids keep busy with dance and church activities. They love dinosaurs, fairies, trucks and tractors, Polly Pockets and building blocks.

We try to live a natural life. We use "green" cleaners or even just vinegar and water. We eat and cook as organic as possible. Though that doesn't rule out the occasional trip to McDonald's! We keep a huge garden in the spring and summer and are looking at expanding that with cold frames for the late fall and early spring season. We keep chickens and rabbits for eggs and meat. We buy all our beef and pork straight off the farm. We're always on the lookout for those items that make our "green" life easier and better.

In this blog you will find some entries about our family life - things we like to do, places we like to go, and things like that. I'm also going to post some craft projects that I've done and probably link to a few that I find interesting and that will be on my "someday" list. I'll post recipes and share homemaking ideas with you. I've kept an online journal for over seven years on a private site and I'm finding that as my kids grow, I'm outgrowing that site. However, I still want to keep writing and journalling and sharing ideas. Hence, this blog!

So....welcome to our crazy life! I hope you find interesting posts here. Feel free to comment on anything that strikes you. I'm always looking for new ideas, new advice and suggestions and of course, I'm always looking to meet new friends!


Candy said...

Congrats on your new blog!!

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