Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentine's Challenge

Valentine's Day is a week away.  If you're anything like our family, it isn't the biggest or bestest holiday around.  We might have a special dinner with heart shaped jello jigglers for dessert or make each other a handmade card.  We like to do nice things for each other, but don't go all out like we do on Christmas, birthdays and Easter.

However, I'd like to change that a bit.  Be more intentional with the holiday.  Do more loving, helping things for each other and to try to make it last more than just a few days in February.

So on this note, I'm issuing myself (and my kids) a challenge.  We're going to do one thing each day for our Valentine's.  For the kids this might include helping a brother or sister pick up some toys or reading them a book.  I know Thing #1 will enjoy that.  For Things #2 and #3, this is going to be a bigger challenge....they much more enjoy picking on their siblings.  *laugh*  And I'll probably have to help Thing #4 with this since she's still small enough to not really get the concept.

As for me and my Valentine....well if you're anything like us, sometimes the daily grind gets in the way of romance.  We don't always connect the way we used to or the way we should.  We don't sit and talk or touch or cuddle the way we used to.  So my challenge to myself (and you, if you choose to take it) is to be more intentional in the way I treat my husband.  To take a little time and think more about him and less about me.  To not let the daily grind get in the way.

So here's challenge #1....I'm going to attempt to post a new one each day this week, hopefully leading up to a romantic Valentine's Day.  Today, I challenge myself (and you) to tell your Valentine what he means to you.  Maybe that's just making an effort to say "I Love You" daily.  Or maybe you'll send a text to your husband telling him you love him and can't wait to see him after work.  Maybe it's even something more suggestive......

I know what I'm going to do about you?


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