Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine's Challenge #3 - Little Love Notes

The other day I wrote about the importance of saying "I Love You" and that often I find in our marriage that we just don't say it enough.  I mean, we know that it's true....but we aren't intentional enough about saying it.  And saying it often.

Today's challenge is to leave a little love note for your Valentine.  Maybe you make lunch for your husband every day and can sliip a little note in there. (I don't).  Maybe you can put some shaving cream on the bathroom  mirror and put a heart in it.  Maybe you want to leave post-it's all over the house with little love notes on them.  Something to make it fun.  Write it in frosting on a brownie heart.  Arrange his food in a heart shape. 

Maybe at first our husbands will look at us and think, what in the world are we doing?  But in the long run, being intentional about our loves will pay off.


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