Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Intentional Living

Wikkipedia defines Intentional Living as: a term used in a variety of contexts including religious, ethical and values-oriented contexts as well as coaching, personal transformation, and leadership training practices and programs. In this sense, “intentional” is defined as “done with intention or on purpose; intended” and “living” as “a manner or style of life.” “Intentional life” is a related term used to describe an objective for personal change.

For the past few months, I've been addicted to listening to Family Life radio. The music is great, it's always positive, they have good messages and some great kids' old-fashioned radio shows. I do tend to tune out some of what I call the extreme conservative-ism in the host's comments, but overall I really enjoy it.

There is a show on this channel called Intentional Living. It's hosted by Dr. Randy Calson. Basically it's about taking each day and making it intentional. Living with and through God and letting him run your life. Not doing things just for the sake of doing them - but with purpose. I listen to it quite often and find it inspirational. Their website, Intentional Living, has a lot of great resources on family life, marriage, finances, and more.

Since I started listening to this show, I've been doing more to "live intentionally." To take charge of our lives instead of just watching them go by. Sometimes this is hard - we're so set in the grain of how society says our lives should be. But we're working on it. Doing things with purpose - not just doing them.

Join me on our journey to Intentional Living. I'll update on the movement as I can, but I'm hoping that most of the time, you'll see the intentions in our actions and words and pictures.


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