Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ice Cube Sun Catchers

The other day when the kids and I got home from school, we decided to do a little craft project slash science project.  So we made ice cube suncatchers.  It's easy to do and fun for the wee things to make.  They like to to see how the food coloring changes the color of the ice and how the water goes from liquid to slush to solid.  Plus, they look really pretty hanging outside in the snow, catching that late winter sunshine!

First you make some colored ice cubes.  I used my little round ice cube maker (perfect for water bottles!) and since I had four colors and four wee helpers, we each picked one color and made two rows.

The kids were very interested in how the food coloring changed the water color.

Next step is to freeze those colored cubes solid.

Then you make another ice cube block.  We used one of the old plastic Gladware containers for this.  I don't use them for food anymore, but we keep crayons and nails and buttons and such in them.  When you make the ice block, be sure to put a cup full of water inside it at one end.  That will make the hole so you can hang it later.

Let the ice cube block freeze - but only partially.  Once it is slushy, take it out and add some colored ice cubes to it.  They will start to melt a bit and the colors will mix, so choose colors wisely.  My boys helped, so our colors turned out kind of mushy.  *laugh*

Stick the ice cube block back into the freezer to finish freezing.  We left ours in overnight.

Once it's totally frozen, take it out and add a string or ribbon through the hanging hole.  I used an old scrap of fabric to make it look pretty.  =)

Hang it outside somewhere where it will catch that winter sunshine and enjoy the colors!


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