Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tomorrow is February 1st! And that means that Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Time to start thinking about the Valentine's the kids (or more likely I ) will be making for their friends, classmates and teachers.

So to get started with some motivation, I thought I'd post some great ideas I've found around the web.


Have any leftover mini candy canes from Christmas-time? Check out these cute Candy Cane Hearts from Pleasant Home. Super cute and super easy!


Or how about this supercute Valentine Countdown from Love Actually? I think my wee Things would totally get a kick out of this one - we do a Christmas countdown every year and they love it. Hmmm, maybe a countdown to every holiday? Craziness!

While you're there, check out all her other Valentine's Day ideas and links! Super fantastic!


If you're hosting a Valentine's dinner with a group of friends (as I am) or if you have a couple's group that gets together for dinner dates, how cute would this idea be?

An Amazing Race Amazing Valentine's Day dinner date!! Perfect for the adventurous!


There's a few great Valentine's Day ideas to get you started. Check back soon to see how I decorated our house for Valentine's and some more great ideas I've found around the web!


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