Monday, January 2, 2012

Meal Plan Monday - January 2nd 2012

Happy Monday!!!

It's time to get back into meal planning.  I'm doing it a bit differently . . . again.  This time instead of doing a list of meals for the week, I've created a list of meals to last over two-three weeks.  Then I can pick and choose over time.  Makes it a bit less stressful when it comes to the last minute dinner planning and prep that happens at our crazy house!

Daycare breakfasts for the kids
Homemade breakfast sandwiches for adults
Protien Smoothies for Momma

 Daycare lunch for Thing #4
School lunch or sack lunches for Things 1-3
*PBJ/bologna/cheese sandwiches
*cut veggies
*granola bar
*juice box
Leftovers or frozen lunches for Momma and Daddy

Dinners - 2 weeks worth to choose from
Rachel Ray's Not-sagna Pasta Toss with garlic bread and a green veggie
Farm Chick's Chicken Salad Sanwiches with chips and cut veggies
Rachel Ray's Openface Blue Moon Burgers w/shrooms with a salad and chips
Rachel Ray's Brutus Salads with a baked potato
Speghetti with meat sauce, garli bread and a green veggie
Garlic-buttered shrimp with angel hair pasta, fish sticks for kids, salad and rolls
Homemade Pizza and Breadsticks
Grilled Cheese Sandwich with tomato soup and cut veggies
Polish Keilbasa with potatos, colored peppers, onions and rolls and a salad

I checked out a couple cookbooks from the library this week (Rachel Ray's Express Lane Meals" and the Farm Chicks in the Kitchen).  Trying lots of recipes from those.  They all looked so yummy!

I'm also planning on doing some baking this week.  Bread is on the list as are more of the Pioneer Woman's yummy cinnamon rolls!

Will be linking up to the Menu Plan Monday at!!!


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