Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!!!!

Happy New Year!!
(or Happy Hogmany as my Scottish friends would say)

2011 is over and 2012 is here.

I had a pretty good year last year, despite all kinds of unexpected happenings.  I gained a new sister-in-law, a new brother-in-law and two new nieces.  The kids made huge advances academically.  We figured out a lot of food/behavior/social issues with the children.  We started lots of home projects (unfortunatly, none of them finished!).  We bought a new car.  We bought a new furnace.  We established an emergency fund.  We spent the emergency fund!  Started it over.

It was a good year.

However, like everyone else on the planet, at this start of the year my mind turns to the future.  To what I want to accomplish this coming year.  To what lies ahead.

I've never been a good one at making and then keeping resolutions.  I'd rather make goals...something that I can work toward and keep working toward.  I don't feel so bad then if I don't accomplish it fully.

This year, one of my huge goals is to get more organized.  In the home and at work.  Another goal is to get the family involved in said organization.  Here are a few steps I am taking to help with this goal:
  • Employing a new Household Notebook.  It's still in the works, but I will blog more about it when it is finished and in use so I can report on how well it works.
  • Starting a new laundry system.  The days of the week system I was using is not working out well for us at all.  Trying something new.
  • New Chore Charts for the kids.  Something a bit more visual for them to see.
  • Utilizing my Motivated Moms calendar more for a cleaning system.  When I use it, it works SOO well.  When I don't....well, yeah.
  • Joining in two online challenges to help me stay motivated and organized: Mama Jenn's Missons of the Month and the 52 Weeks to an Organized House challenge.
  • And of course, continuing with meal planning and linking to the Menu Plan Mondays.
Another goal of mine is work on spiritual/family/emotional life.  I sometimes feel like in the craziness of our lives, we become disconnected from each other and from God.  We need to, as a family, re-establish this and nuture it in ourselves and our family members and our community.  Here are some steps we'll be doing to work on this goal:
  • Eat most meals at the table to together.  Learn and say new meal blessings.  Use manners and practice politeness at mealtimes.
  • Have a family day/night each week where we play games or do an activity together.
  • Establish a family motto/rules and post them in the house.
  • Read.  Alone and to each other.
  • Go to church and Sunday School every week (we already do this, but I think it is important to have it as a guideline.)
  • Volunteer as a family at least twice this year.
  • Personally, to meditate/pray every day.  To read books that will enhance my spiritual growth and connections.
  • Celebrate the every day.
And finally my last goal is a fitness goal.  Last year started off strong with my running a half marathon, but quickly slid downhill in to doing the bare minimum of workouts.  Outside of my dance classes, I really don't do much of anything.  I need to get back into gear and work. I would like to lose a few (or more) pounds of myself and to just feel better about the way I look. To help with this I will:
  • Walk at least three-four times a week.  Adding in running as I feel.
  • Do yoga at least three-four times a week.
  • Teach dance twice a week (already in progress)
  • Work on findng "clean" methods of personal care - shampoos/conditioners/face wash/deoderent/etc
  • Eat a bit more heathy's to a bang up 2012!  Working on meeting life goals that will lead to less craziness, more peace and happier families!!!!!


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