Friday, March 11, 2011

Princess Half Marathon Weekend Part Three

Finally, it was the morning of the race!  Our alarm went off at 2:30, but I think we were both awake before that...brimming with anticipation!

Once we arrived at the staging area, there were flags, lights, a DJ and a red carpet to welcome us to the race.

Because of the number of racers registered for the race, we were started in heats.  I was in the last corral.  =)  Meredith came back and joined me there.  We pushed as far forward in the corral as we could and ended up just behind the rope.  At the start of each corral, the Fairy Godmother gave a magic spell and fireworks went off signalling the start!

The race went pretty well.  It was kind of exciting there and actually be doing it!  I also thought it was funny to hear all the timers going off for the people following Jeff Galloway's walk/run plan.  It was funnier to see those same people ignoring the timerd continuing to walk! 

We did great, if I do say so myself.  Our final time was 3:32:39.  We did walk most of the way.  We ran the very beginning, most of the downhill parts and somewhere between mile 4 and 5 when we stopped to use the restroom and fell behind the pacers - couldn't let that happen!  But whoever put all the ramps and hills on the last 3 miles should be shot!  Yikes!!

It was pretty exciting to walk/run through the castle and see the trumpeters and all the Disney visitors cheering you on!!  And at every mile or half mile or so there were characters and music set up.  All the mile markers looked like storybooks.  The entertainment really kept you going.

Some highlights:


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