Thursday, March 24, 2011

Growing your own Dishcloths - Luffa Gourds

Did you know you can grow your own dishcloths and luffa sponges?
How cool is this??

There are seven species of the plant luffa cucurbitaceae.  These plants can be planted after all danger of frost has passed.  They like a trellis to grow on.  Fruit can be harvested about 100 days if used for eating, wait another 30 or so days if you plan on harvesting to make a luffa or dishcloth.  

To dry into a dishcloth, pick when the fruit is yellowing.  Remove the skin and seeds.  Shake out.  Soak overnight in water.  Remove from water and sit in sun to dry. 

You can use this sponge for bathing, washing dishes, cleaning clothes, etc.

Here are a couple links to more on this topic:
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How awesome!  Guess what I'm adding to my seed order to grow this summer?


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