Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Getting back to my running/walking groove

I'm starting to get back into the running/walking groove.  Of course, just as this happens, we have a late March snowstorm and I can't get outside again!

Last weekend, I managed to put in 3.34 miles on Saturday, 1.25 miles on Sunday and 1.23 miles on Monday.  Mostly did half walk/half run for these.  Not great times, but not too shabby either.

I also discovered a walking/running path around my yard.  If I do the perimeter of the two acres, it is just about 0.25 miles.  If I shorten it, I can get a 0.10 mile path around my drive/the barns/front yard/sidewalk area.  So now I have some options for when Mr. CrazyLife is working late at the farm or his parents house and I can't get out on the road.  I can walk the yard while the kids play outside.  It's not as fun doing that, but at least I get some millage in.

I'm also researching some races to sign up for in the upcoming months - give me something to work towards.  Plus, I really enjoyed the race in February and would like to continue with them.  So here's a possible list:

  • Dow RunWalk - June 4th - 5k
  • Cheesetown Races - June 18th -5 mile -  in the town where I work, probably won't get to this one as it's the same day as dance recitals and it looks like it's in the evening, which totally rules it out. - bummer
  • Volkslaufe Races - July 3rd - 5K/10K/20K - if we don't go up north this one will work out
  • Higgins Lake Sunrise Run - 1/2 Marathon - June 18th - again on dance recital day, so definitely out - bummer
Still looking . . . . 


Meredith said...

I understand about the recitals! I have 3 or 4 races (some 5Ks and a Half) on the 'maybe' list for the next few weeks or so and every single one of them has 'If there is no Soccer Game' after it. *laugh* Talk about putting a crimp in personal plans!

The 'yard track' sounds like a great compromise. It sounds somewhat better than the treadmill!

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