Friday, March 11, 2011

The Princess Half Marathon - in review

It seems that since I returned home from Florida and the Princess Half, I've been in a kind of post-race, post-vacation funk.  I really haven't done anything more than what I needed to do to get by.  So no blogging, no emails, no internet of any kind.  Just laundry, housework, schoolwork and family.

But I want to share what a wonderful time I had down south.  And I want to share the accomplishment of finishing the Half Marathon. 

And to be honest, I want to re-live the moments through pictures!  =)
Because, really, who WOULDN"T want to re-live this?

So here is a quick photo re-cap of the weekend (all my own photos with a couple stolen from my dear friend, Meredith who I ran the race with!)

I left Michigan Thursday evening with little trouble.  I got to fly to Atlanta with the Michigan State baseball team, which isn't as exciting as one may think.  =)  I finally arrived in Orlando around 11:30 and took the Magical Express to the resort.  Meredith was awake waiting for me.  We chatted for a bit before falling asleep and sleeping very soundly!

Friday morning we started the day at the Fit for a Princess Expo at the ESPEN sports complex.  What a show!!  We were greeted at the door by two handsome coachmen and walked in to find a hall full of vendors selling way too many things I just *had* to have!  Thankfully, I walked out of there with just my race pack, a new SPIbelt and a headband.  Oh, and a 13.1 magnet for my car!

The glass running slipper was definitly a highlight of the Expo.

The rest of that first day was spent at Hollywood Studios where we had all kinds of fun!

Then we head over to the Magic Kingdom for some evening entertainment.


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