Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Day Science

Yesterday, in light of the Great Groundhog Blizzard of 2011, all members of the CrazyLife Family had snow days from school!! 

Snow days as a kid were the best. 
As an adult and a teacher . . . well, they are even better! 

Tuesday night the kids came home from school all excited about doing the "Snow Day Dance" and wearing their pajamas inside-outside, putting a spoon under their pillows, and placing ice cubes in the toilet.  Nevermind that school had already been called off for the next day - we did it with gusto!!!

And snow day it was!!!

But what to do with our snowday?  It was too cold to go outside, not to mention blowing and snowing like crazy!  So Mr. CrazyLife and Thing #1 decided to work on a project for her class at school.  She has been studying water in science class.  Mr. CrazyLife decided that they should make "super sand" for her to take into class and explain why it floats in water or clumps into blocks at the bottom.

So we did our own science experient!

And made our own "Moon Sand" in the process.  Ours was very simple, but you could add food coloring to it if you wanted.  Then put it in a tub and let the kids go to town playing!!!  We left quite a bit in the tub as a sensory plaything for yesterday, but also pulled some out to experiment putting it in water and some for Thing #1 to take to school when it resumes.

What you need:
1 can of Scotch Guard

Pour the sand into a tub.  Spray it with Scotch Guard.  Let dry. 
Repeat a few times.  Let dry. 
Play and enjoy!

(pictures coming soon - having connection issues with uploading!)


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