Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Meal Plan Monday

*I had this all typed out and then never posted it yesterday!  See, even when I try to plan ahead, I fall behind!  =) *

Meals - week of February 14th

Monday - school/daycare/packed lunches
                mac n' cheese w/chips, apple slices & broccoli
                popscle treat

Tuesday - school/daycare/packed lunches
                Sloppy Joes w/corn, peaches & chips

Wednesday - school/daycare/packed lunches
                     hot dogs for kids w/carrot and celery sticks, PB dip
                    adult Valentine's Dinner - steaks, baked potato, broccoli, salad, wine

Thursday - school/daycare/packed lunches
                  taco dinner

Friday - schoo/daycare/packed lunches
             homemade pizza w/breadsticks and salad

Saturday -  Bologna/PBJ sandwiches w/apple slices
                  kids - ramen noodles w/grilled cheese sandwiches
                  adults - date night!  Dinner out

Sunday  - do-agains for lunch
                pot roast in crockpot, potatos, carrots, garlic bread


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