Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Planning a Dora Birthday Party

Thing #4 is obsessed with Dora.  I mean obsessed with Dora!  So it's only natural that we plan a Dora-themed birthday party for her.  She will be three.  (I can hardly believe my BABY is almost three - where does the time go??)

Now, we are not planning anything big as far as the party goes.  It will be only family and perhaps a family friend or two.  So probably dinner, something fun for the kiddos and cake.  I will decorate though - I love parties!!

Here is the cake I am going to attempt

Directions, etc can be found here

By the way, if you haven't ever checked out this website, you really should....there are some amazing (and not-so-amazing) birthday cakes there.  I've gotten tons of ideas from there!!!

Another great website for birthday party planning is Birthday Party  I use it all the time.  There are ideas for other types of parties as well, which is really handy. 

Either a "Map" complete with face and such giving directions on how to get to the party (First you have to go through the bubble forest, then you need to cross the Ditch of Deep Water, Then you go up the Big Hill and then you get to the party!)


Dora and Boots on the front saying, "It's a Fiesta!' and on the inside the pertinent information with a title of "Where are we going?"


Orange, pink, purple and yellow balloons and streamers. 
A Dora pinata
Stars in rainbow colors
Dora plates and napkins
plastic cups in coordinating colors

Pin the tail on Boots
Outside play (if it's nice)
Cake and ice cream

Gift Bags
Dora/Diego bandaids
small Dora gift

Finger foods - snacky foods
Possibly tacos for dinner if party goes that long


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