Monday, June 21, 2010

Serindipity Mommy's Staycation Event!!

If you haven't been to my friend Candy's blog, Serendipity Mommy,'s the time to head over there! 

Candy is hosting a Staycation Event with tons of great giveaways (she always has fantastic giveaways, but these are superfantastic!!), plus, she's a super sweet girl with a great take on life, mommyhood, kids, and college.  You should totally check her out.

I just entered to win a Eureka! Tetragon 1610 Family Tent at her blog.  Our little family LOVES camping, but our tent is getting a bit crowded with all six of us in I'm totally hoping to win this one!!

Thanks, Candy for a great blog and a fantastic giveaway!


Candy said...

Good luck Jenn I hope you win so bad!!! I know how much you guys love camping!!

(ps. Remember when I said you should drive down if I got a water slide? hehe..Colton's party is July 10th. I'm just sayin!

Jenn said...

I would totally come if we weren't up north!! I think we're coming home about that time. But we should totally get together this summer sometime. The kids would have fun and we could sit and chat!

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