Monday, June 21, 2010

Garden Harvests

It's still early here in Michigan to be harvesting too many things from the fact, we're still PLANTING in the garden!  Every week we try to add a few more plants/seeds to our yard and garden.  Things are growing ip everywhere and it's looking like a good year.  The only thing we have left to plant is some pumpkins.  We'll also add a few more radishes, carrots and lettuces later on this summer for a fall harvest.

But for now....

We're havesting strawberries.  And lettuce.  And radishes.  And rhubarb.  And the first peas of the season yesterday.  Yummy!

I also harvested my first crop of chamoille yesterday.  It's in my dryer now, and the house smells so fantastic!  I can't wait until it's ready to blend into my own special chamoille tea blend!


LivingOurWay said...

Wow! You guys are a couple of months behind us. I had no idea!

Jenn said...

Yeah, we're in zone 5b, I think. I know if we were about 10 miles north we'd be in zone 4. So things are just starting around here. The big farms are harvesting pickles and things (albeit a bit early) but since we got in late we're about a week behind our normal harvests, which are just starting.

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