Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Vacation?

Isn't summer vacation supposed to be a time for rest and relaxation?
Whoever said that certainly doesn't know the CrazyLife family!

We've had a crazy busy summer and it's only four weeks in.
Here's what we've been doing the past few weeks 
(and part of the reason that the blog has been MIA lately!)

Dance Shows - Midland Highland Festival and Frankenmuth Bavarian Festival

Dance Recitals - 2 different recitals - 3 different shows

Starting a new Business

Brother's Wedding

Sister-in-Law's baby shower

New niece on Mr. CrazyLife's side

Visit from CrazyLife Grandparents

And various other events that don't stand on there own.  And it's not even July yet!!!!


(pictures to follow as soon as my connection speeds up a wee bit.)


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