Friday, June 3, 2011

Setting up a Household Notebook

As I'm ever on a path to a more simple, easy and organic lifestyle, I'm always trying new things to help organize myself (and the family) around the house.  A few years ago, I had a household notebook that contained the details of our life: menus, babysitter info, website/password info, phone numbers, cleaning schedule, calendar, etc.  I had a separate one for bills.  And life was good.

And then, as goes the way of all good things, life got in the way and my notebook was lost in the shuffle.

I miss it.  I want it back.  I NEED it back.

So I'm working on setting up a new household notebook.  I'll share as I go along.  Do any of you keep a household notebook?  What do you put in it and how do you organize it?  Do you have any websites/downloads you'd like to share?

I'm planning on having these sections for sure:
Babysitter Info
Important phone numbers
Kids' friends' info
Weekly cleaning schedule
Meal plans - weekly/monthly/recipes
Shopping lists/coupons (perhaps a second notebook?)
Website/password info
Family birthdays/anniversaries
Family info (birthday/ss#/insurance/allergies/etc)

I'm hoping to make this a working book - one that will live with us and grow and change as we do.  Something that I, Mr. CrazyLife and all the kids can use and understand.  I think that setting our daily lives and rhythms and schedules to paper should help with some of the craziness and confusion that sometimes rules our lives.  I want my children to get used to making lists and keeping track of life in general so that when they are older, they don't struggle the way I do.

I'm sure I'll tweek things as I go.  But my goal for the month of June is to get this notebook in order and get it working.  I've been browsing the web and there are SO many fantastic ideas out there on setting up a household notebook, so if you need inspiration, just google! 


Meredith said...

Before Jeff ended up as the SAHP, I had a lovely Household Notebook. I had write-on, wipe-off pages and everything was color coded. It was glorious. Maybe I should make a new one. I do LOVE my notebooks... *laugh*

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