Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Royal Wedding Fun

I don't know if anyone else out there is as excited about the upcoming Royal Wedding as I am, but boy am I ever excited!  I can totally remember getting up and watching Princess Diana's wedding, as well as Fergie's wedding with my mom.  Maybe it's because my family has always had an interest in British life and royalty.  Maybe it's just because it's cool to see a beautiful woman become a real-life princess.  Or maybe, just maybe it's because WAY WAY WAY WAY back in our family line, I had an ancestor with royal blood!  (Mom found that out once doing geneology - My gram wore a tiara for the rest of the week and proclaimed that she always knew she was royal!!!! )

But whatever the reason, I am beyond stoked to get up early and watch as Will and Kate take their vows this Friday.  I plan on taping the wedding as well, so whatever I miss while getting the kids ready for school, packing lunches and the like, I can see later.

In fact, Thing #1 and I are planning a Royal Tea Party and Wedding Watching Party for Friday night (or maybe Saturday morning, depending on how Mr. CrazyLife feels about it!)

We're going to dress up and wear hats.  Drink tea.  Have tea cakes and sandwiches.  Maybe we'll even make some "royal" cupcakes like these from the Disney Family Fun site.

On the Disney Family Fun site there are lots of other fun activities to do with your children to celebrate the Royal Wedding.  How about a Kate Middleton paper doll dress-up?  Or print out a tiara like the one Kate may wear in the wedding for your little princesses to wear at your celebration.  It's a definite must-see if you are planning a royal celebration!

There's fun stuff on there for us moms as well: Check out the fabulous headdresses and shoes.  Bake up some of the princess cookies and cakes.  Book a romantic get-away.  Learn how to feel like a princess every day.  It's all on there.  Plus, check out the Disney Princess inspired wedding dresses - they are to die for!!  If I was getting married again, I'd totally pick out the Belle dress.

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