Saturday, November 13, 2010

Elf Magic

It's that time of year again.....
it's almost time for Holly, Mistletoe, Ginger and Pepper
to come back for their yearly visit!! 
The kids can't wait and frankly, neither can I!!

Every year for the past three years, our magic elves have joined us at Christmastime.  They are fun to have around as they are always up to mischief in the middle of the night (kinda sounds like four other little munchkins I know!) 

They always arrive on December 1st, bringing us an Advent wreath and calendar.  Sometimes they do crazy things in the middle of the night like taking a bath in the kitchen sink full of marshmallows or making flour "snow" angels on the kitchen table while baking us cookies.  One time they decided the house wasn't decorated enough, so they made paper snowflakes and hung them all over the house - and then they left all the little cut up pieces of paper out for us to clean up!  Our favorite event was when they staged a "snow"ball fight under the Christmas tree with cotton balls.  Crazy elves!!

But they also do things that remind us of the real reason for the season.  After all, Santa is just part of the picture and he wants us to remember what Christmas is really about too.  So he has taught all his elves the Christmas story and they help remind us and share it with us.

Our elves have dressed up as Saint Lucia and her entourage, bringing us sweet buns and a bible story.  They have gone to church to help out with the Christmas pagent.  And every year, on Christmas morning, we find them kneeling at the manger of our creche.

We love our elves (you can find some of their North Pole friends here) and look forward to them coming every year.
We can't wait to see what crazy things they do this year!!!


Meredith said...

Yay! I like reading about your elves. They'll be glad to come out of the box for the Holiday, I'm sure!

One Take On Life - Heather said...

We have Elf on the shelf, just got it last year. Your Elves sound hilarious!
I think ours need to step it up a bit, might have to have a talk with them. Great ideas!

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