Thursday, October 28, 2010

I think I've lost my mind...

So after all the walking/jogging/running I've been doing this year.  After the over 350 miles I've put in since April 1st.  After coming up with every concievable reason not to - - -

I decided to go ahead and register for the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon!

Call me crazy.  I don't think I can actually run that far.  I plan on walking most of it.  Maybe do a jogging sprint at each mile marker, through the castle and of course the finish line.

The distance doesn't phase's the time.  A 16 minute mile.  Can I do it?  Let's hope so.

I've got to up my attitude and training though. Since school started, I haven't done much of anything walking/jogging wise.  My prep times have changed as well as being in a new school and they just aren't as condusive to walking/jogging.  So I've got to try to fit in time at home.  Yeah, right!  LOL

Starting November 1st, I'm going to amp up my training.  I've got to get more miles and less time going.  I'll post my training plan once I get it finalized this week.  I'm gonna need some help keeping in check on this!

I am really excited about it though...even through the nerves.  I'm going with my friend Meredith .  We're going to have a blast!!!

And when I cross that finish line in February....I'm gonna have me one of these!


Meredith said...

(Yes, I'm about 2 weeks behind) You can SO do this! I am really looking forward to getting down there and finishing that distance! Let's DO it! (And, no, I won't be this perky when we're in Florida *laugh* )

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