Monday, August 30, 2010

One Motivated Mom

Do you ever get bogged down by the daily grind of housework?  I sure do.  I love making my house a home, but the constant upkeep of that home drives me crazy.  Guess I wasn't cut out to be little Suzy Happy Homemaker.  It stresses me out.  The clutter gets out of control.  The little things slip out of my control.  The kids sabotage everything I try to do!  *giggle*

So I've been on the lookout for a plan that will help keep me on track and honest with myself and my family about the house.  I've tried different things over the years - FlyLady (too many emails and too much guilt about not keeping up PLUS I hate wearing shoes in the house!), a card system my mom used when I was a kid (not visible enough and too easy to ignore), making lists (which get lost in the general clutter), etc, etc, etc.

Then last year I stumbled across a system called Motivated Moms and have fallen in love with it!  You have got to check this out!  It comes in a calendar/list form.  It's great - you check things off!  And if you don't get to everything on your daily list, it's okay, because it comes back up next week or the week after.  And it includes things like working on crafts, reading to your children, and making time for yourself, all things that sometimes get lost in the general clutter of life.

As with any program, you've got to actually stick with it.  I stopped using it last spring when life got a bit hectic.  And the world fell apart! Pulled it back out this summer and now I feel a bit more in control.  Just what I needed heading back to work this fall.

If you need a system to try...check it out.  It's a lot easier than FlyLady (although the same concepts apply) and your house will start showing the difference right away!!


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