Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Homemade "Fabreeze"

One of our projects this summer was to get the kids' rooms cleaned, organized and re-decorated.  We're about halfway there on the project.  I spent about three days in our boys' room....mostly cleaning.  Then I spent about one day in the girls' room doing the same.  The kids helped and I mostly kept them on task and organized their cleaning.

Boy, my kids are super messy!!!  I couldn't believe we had let it get to the point it was.  Clothes all over the floor.  Little bits of paper thrown around.  Hair bands under the dresser.  Hangers on the closet floor.  Ties tied to the beds, shelves and other things in the room.  Tubby Cubbies that were empty with the toys all over the place.  Bags of "treasures" placed strategically around the room.  Ugh!

One thing that was really, really bad was the trash in the boys room.  It's like they wake up in the middle of the night and have a snack, but fall asleep while eating it.  Yuck!!

And the smell.  Tween-age and Teenage boys and girls are stinky!!!

But......I HATE the smell of most air fresheners.  That chemically, artificial smell. So what to do?  Create my own air freshener, of course!

Lately, I've been using essential oils quite a bit.  I diffuse them.  I do rollers.  I have a necklace diffuser.  I'm really liking the effect they have on my family and my home.

So I created a homemade "Fabreeze"  and it's been working wonderfully!  I spray the kids' beds, their blankets, the curtains....even our couch cushions have received the treatment.  My house smells nicer and there is no funky kid smell in the bedrooms!

You will need:

A spray bottle (glass is best, but use what you have!)
essential oils - I used Lavender & Tea Tree (try Eden's Garden favorite!)
rubbing alcohol

My recipe:

Fill the water bottle almost to the top.
Add about 3 TBS rubbing alcohol.
Add 30-40 drops of your essential oils.
Shake before each use.
Spray on surfaces (it seems to dissipate too quickly in the air)


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