Thursday, September 22, 2011

Just Dance

We are a family of least us girls are.  Poor Mr. CrazyLife and the boys are often left behind while we go off chasing our dancing dreams.  I guess they are used to it by now.  Mr. CrazyLife knew what he was getting into when he married me and encouraged me to get my dance teacher certificate.  I just wish we could find something for those boys . . . I guess they're having enough fun playing in the dirt and trees with Daddy, though.

Thing #1 has been taking dance lessons since she was three . . . we're going on year 6 now of ballet, tap and jazz lessons.  She also takes German, Hawaiian, and Scottish.  And this summer she got to learn some Polish dance as well.  Call her well-rounded.

Thing #4 just started dance lessons this summer.  She was so excited to go to her first class with "Miss Wimba (Miss Linda)"  She did acro this summer as well as creative movement and is enrolled in a creative movement/tap class this fall.  

And of course for me there is a full schedule as well.  I get to play dance mom two nights a week, dance student one night and dance teacher on Saturday mornings.  I'm taking another Zumba dance class this year - lovin' it!  Saturday mornings I'm teaching Scottish/Celtic dance lessons again and loving every moment!

Thing #1 on the 4th of July, dancing at the Volkslauffe Races.

Thing #4's first dance show - doing acro at the Country Fair Days....isn't she just the cutest, tiniest little thing?

Thing #1 showing off her awesome cartwheel.

A little bit of Polish Dance.

Some Hawaiian Dance.....

And a bit of German (here at the Bavarian Festival) to round us out.

Here I am with my wee little Scottish Dancers at the Midland Highland Festival.  It was their first dance-out and they did super!  (Thing #1 is hidden behind me - don't I look like a giant compared to the babes?)

With dance recitals and shows, I think we had over 12 dance-outs this summer.  
Crazy.  Busy.  Fun.

We're hoping to go on the studio trip next summer....Thing #1 has been moved up into the pre-teen class and even though she's the smallest and youngest, she can certainly hold her own.  And being part of the dance company means more dance shows and more dance-y fun for the whole family!

(Poor Mr. CrazyLife......he's destined to be a dance dad instead of a sports dad!)


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