Monday, August 15, 2011

Meal Plan Monday 8-15-11

The days are long, but the years are short.  I read this quote on another blog today and it totally fits how I've been feeling lately.  Life has been moving at breakneak speed.  We've been spending lots of family time enjoying each other's company.  But the kids are starting to drive me crazy!  Thing #1 has picked up a "tween" attitude lately and all summer her rolling eyes have followed us around.  Things 2 and 3 are just busy being boys and wrestling and breaking things and yelling lots.  And Thing #4 is too full of her own cuteness and trying to get away with murder! 

It's been a hectic summer with lots of trips to Grandma's house, a family wedding, two new babies in our families (LOVE being an aunt!) and a couple of family funerals.  As such, I haven't been online much.  It seems that I'm too busy enjoying the days to go online and when I do have time, I'm too tired!  So here I am, attempting to write again and stay up to date. Thanks to anyone who is still following and reading along!

We've got two full weeks and a half week before I head back to school and three full weeks before the kids do.  We're still waiting to hear if Mr. CrazyLife gets called back to teach this year or if his layoff will stand.  He's got a couple of applications out, so keep fingers and toes crossed and lots of prayers for us.

Anyhoo....we plan on savoring and enjoying every last minute of our summer vacation!

On to business . . . .

Meal Plan Monday 8-15-11

Breakfasts - served with fruit
cereal w/milk and cinnamon toast
scrambled eggs w/sausage
oatmeal w/fuit and honey
granola bars

Lunches - served with fruit and veggies
Mac n' cheese
PBJ sandwiches
ramen noodles w/hot dogs
tuna salad sandwiches (or on a lettuce leaf for me)
muffin tin lunches w/fruit, veggies,  meat, jello, crackers and cheese

Dinners - served with veggie and bread
Nachos/tacos/taco salad night
homemade pizza
Grilled pork chops
sloppy joes
grilled cheese and ham sandwiches


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